What I Believe In

As a Web Developer, I’m driven to creating intriguing web applications and user-interfaces that attract, inspire, and provide the ultimate user experience. I strive without reserve to keep an open mind, and continue exploring every aspect of web development and creativity as I move forward into the web and software engineering fields.

Learn About Me

Hello, I am Selvin, a web Developer, computer information Technology, ambitious software engineering professional, and database & web development enthusiast. “Minzy” is my portfolio site, which is the name of my youngest sister; Minzy means my own. Throughout academic and real world training, I have gained a wealth of experience in Web development, including UX, UI design, and other areas of design.

As a child, I have always been inspired by creative activities and technologies. Because of this, I have developed a passion in information technology, specifically in web development and software engineering. In addition, I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Technology from Metropolitan State University. Currently, I am in the first year of my graduate program in Software Engineering at the University of St. Thomas.

What I like about being a Web Developer is the ability to always look for a lasting innovative solutions and convey information that is accessible, yet visually appealing to wide range of users. Through that, I gain new knowledge that enhances my skills, creative thinking, and designs.

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